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Skinbooster - Rehydrate your skin

The most valuable accessory we own is our skin. A natural component of our skin is hyaluronic acid (hyaluronan, HA), which has the unique ability to bind water in our body tissues. Thus, it provides our skin with moisture and keeps it soft and flexible. Around the age of 25, the skin's own hyaluron decreases. Over time, our skin becomes drier and loses volume - wrinkles appear. Skinbooster treatments can return hyaluronic acid to the skin - it is intensively moisturized, which makes the skin look more even and fresh. In addition, skin damaged by acne or sun can also be successfully treated with the skinbooster therapy.

Areas of application are:
- face
- throat
- décolleté
- back

During the treatment, micro-droplets of stabilized hyaluronic acid are injected just below the skin's surface without adding volume to it. This is how skinboosters can restore the natural composition of the skin, increase hydration and improve elasticity where hyaluronic acid-containing creams cannot penetrate due to the molecular size of hyaluronic acid.

The skinbooster treatment gradually builds up the hydration and smoothness of your skin. Therefore, the treatment program should be gradual. It starts, depending on the skin condition, with 3-4 treatment sessions at intervals of 3 to 6 weeks. Already after the first session you will notice an improvement of the skin appearance, but the full effect will be visible after the last session.

To get lasting results, we recommend regular booster treatments every 6-12 months thereafter, depending on the findings.

The skinbooster treatment lasts approximately 20-30 minutes. After the treatment, the skin is briefly cooled. You will be ready for socializing immediately afterwards. However, slight redness and small bruises may appear around the injection sites. Reactions vary from person to person. As a rule, these will disappear within a few days. Immediately after the injection, icy temperatures or UV radiation from the sun or solarium, as well as heavy physical work and sports should be avoided. Make-up should be avoided as well, for the first 24 hours after the treatment!

A skinbooster treatment should not be used on patients with a known hypersensitivity to the product or any of the other components of the drug. Likewise, patients with infections at the intended injection sites, such as herpes or severe acne, should refrain from treatment. Patients under immunosuppression or on blood-thinning medication, with a tendency to keloids, and persons with coagulation disorders are also advised against treatment. Out of caution, we do not recommend Skinbooster treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Detailed questions about the skinbooster treatment are best discussed in a personal consultation. Together with you, I will be happy to develop an individual treatment plan and take my time to answer your questions.

You can find more information about hyaluronic acid here.

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