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Upper and lower eyelid surgery

The eyes of a person are the mirror of the soul. A fresh and youthful appearance is largely determined by our eyes.

However, as we age, excess loose skin gathered in our upper and lower eyelids can make us look tired, sad and old. Alert, radiant eyes demonstrate vitality and joy, but on the contrary drooping eyelids and eye bags make us look exhausted and powerless. During the day the eyelids become heavier, eye make-up cannot be applied accurately and often vision can get obstructed. The varied consequences of natural ageing may be the reasons to consider eyelid surgery.

The treatment depends on the severity of the diagnosis. In most cases it is sufficient to remove excess skin combined with a reduction of fat cushioning the eyeball in the skull. On the upper eyelids incision is made in the natural crease line and on the lower eyelids the incision is carried out 1-2 mms under the eyelashes so that they will be hardly visible after healing. Surgery can be performed either under local anaesthetic with sedation or under general anaesthetic; it takes 1-2 hours. Upper and lower eyelid surgeries can be combined and thus, surgery time is prolonged accordingly. After surgery a compression bandage needs to be applied for the first few hours to minimize the swelling and bruising. Furthermore, it is advised to apply cold compresses several times a day.

Stitches are usually removed after 5-8 days and work can be resumed after 8-10 days.

If you are thinking about a younger, more rested and just fresher appearance I am happy to discuss with you during a personal consultation the options of eyelid surgery.

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